Kenpo Karate

Classes Start NOW!!!

You will learn:

  • Point Fighting
  • Self Defense
  • Kick Boxing
  • Wingchun Kunfu
  • Katas
  • Basic Kenpo
  • Advanced Kenpo

You will go to tournaments and compete, and showcase your skills at various venues. Earn confience and refine your patience, all while learning the ancient Arts.

Locations and times:
  • Pearblossom Park; Mon & Thurs 5-7pm; 661-944-2880

  • Jackie Robinson Park; Tues & Fri 5-7pm; 661-944-2988

  • Lane Park; Wed 5-7pm, Sat 9-10:30am; 661-722-7780
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This school is located in spectacular Los Angeles county, beautiful Southern California.